Black Friday Sale Is On NOW

The Sale is on from 12AM Thursday to 12pm Friday…So Get Your Discount Today by connecting to the Snob Mobb App


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    yay!!!! I luv ming!!!

  • Shawnese Amia

    Lee!! How have you been?! -Peanut little sister

    • ming

      hey hunni how u been

  • MahoganyKisses

    I tried to put the code in nd it didnt work becuz it was 12:01pm…..Bummer:/ I love this hair nd need it sooo bad! I hope Cyber monday sale is better. Keep up the success SNOB!!!!

  • Anonymous

    When is the “Brazilian Curly” going on sale? I think we all would like to know ;)

  • Anonymous

    Im so upset I missed the sell said code is expired smh heart broken

  • mika

    hi u need to come to orlando fl so you can do all if the woman hair and orlando fl

  • Anonymous

    how many bundles should i buy for 24 inch full weave?